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Cost Effective Housing

Cost Effective:

Our purpose is to promote affordable housing in communities where the homeownership rate is low, income levels are below average and community deterioration exists.

Proven Homeownership Concepts

Proven Concepts:

Compassionate pathways to homeownership remove barriers that create fear of ownership. Network support, warranties and home-care packages also instill confidence. 

Good Quality Homes

Good Quality:

The work we do both residentially and commercially is top-notch, professional, and completed correctly. Our company is recognized for the competitive pricing and quality service standards we set.

About Alpha

Alpha Contractor LLC is a licensed general contracting firm which offers residential and commercial quality remodeling and building services. Our belief is in the exclusive American dream. We are committed  to providing a community-based homeownership support system for forgotten communities desperately in need of our unique services. Expect your experience with us to be efficient, pleasant and helpful.

Our Services:

Our services include residential remodeling, new home additions, and new home construction. Commercially, we work with stores, offices, schools, government agencies for construction needs.


About Us:

Alpha Contractor LLC is a for profit business that believes in serving communities in the true spirit of love, hope and charity. We look forward to helping you!



Our philanthropic efforts are motivated by a history of discriminatory government policies in homeownership that contributed to the deterioration of inner city communities across the country.