Alpha considers affordable housing to be a worthy cause for contributions and volunteerism. That is a major reason why we started our Outreach Efforts, Affordable Housing and Homeownership programs which targets adults ages 20-45 years old. Since we are not positioned to offer immediate housing relief, we decided to focus our efforts on building up deteriorating predominately low-income communities and helping to resolve problems over the long-term. We have a strong desire to promote the good health and well-being of these communities through charitable work. Determined focused people find the level of commitment necessary to overcome circumstances that create obstacles to accomplishing their goals. Life can change with good decision-making and hard work.



Our primary mission is to educate participants about the value and importance of owning a home.  Help reverse the trend of community deterioration by promoting the development of clean safe communities, stabilize families and individuals through a network of outreach programs.  


Contribute to the elimination of homelessness through networking, organizing, rehabilitation and building. Work in conjunction with local community organization partners to help facilitate homeless families and individuals in need. Operate on the premise that homelessness is a symptom of a larger problem that exists. Identifying the causes and finding appropriate solutions should be a goal of any support system put in place.

Our Goal 

Teach participants how to create a healthy financial future that starts with disciplined spending habits and budgeting. Emphasize how essential establishing good credit and repairing bad credit are to becoming a homeowner. We want to help participants obtain homeownership training, down payment assistance and become qualified first-time homebuyers.



We need people who are passionate about increasing affordable housing and homeownership. BECOME A VOLUNTEER with Alpha to better the local community, fill out our contact form to get in touch!

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