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Alpha Contractor LLC is a licensed general contracting company started in 2021. However, the owner has been providing residential and commercial services for over 25 years. Alpha is currently a small Racine, Wisconsin based company with a goal of expanding our business throughout southeast Wisconsin and northern Illinois. Competitive pricing with quality services will trademark our presence in the residential construction of homes, apartments and housing complexes. 

“Building hopes and dreams” 

Come with or without a vision, you will be assisted with building the type of dream property that compliments your goals and comes with genuine pride of ownership. Expect your experience with my company to be an efficient pleasant helpful one, you can count on being treated in a courteous respectful manner. Partnerships

"We believe in community support"

Alpha will establish a FUND to help provide a sustainable support system for forgotten low-income communities desperately in need of affordable housing assistance. These communities are the most multi racial and diverse. Their diverse, largely African American, population is the main reason why these communities are historically discriminated against. They are consistently left behind when it comes to government/private organization funded affordable housing projects. The deterioration of these low-income communities persists while their tax paying residents watch the government allow tax breaks for the wealthy Americans who can afford tax avoiding accountants.

We stand with those ignored low-income communities across the country who are fed up with substandard living conditions and houses priced so high that the only people who can afford them are not interested in living in the community. NOBODY is coming to rescue communities in dire distress, it's up to the residents!

We need VOLUNTEERS to help grow this transparent FUND designed to support our community Philanthropic OutreachAffordable Housing Drive and Homeownership Drive programs. Become a voluntary part of economic community growth which impacts the future of your family and other families throughout your community. Owning property builds wealth families can pass down from generations to generation. We need serious passionate caring VOLUNTEERS who are willing to be committed to creating affordable housing that inspires hope in hopeless communities. The ideal VOLUNTEERS live in the communities that they serve. They are driven by the desire to achieve a better quality of life for themselves and other low-income community members. Learn more about our community building efforts and history on housing below:

Study the history of housing discrimination and see homeownership success stories:


Target Group (Ages 20-40 years old)

Most mortgage loan payments are spread out over 30 years, but they can be paid off early. The sooner young people purchase homes the more beneficial that property investment will prove to be over time as the value increases. Homebuyers between the ages of 20-40yrs old can be finished paying off their 20–30-year mortgages by ages 40-70yrs old. In order to achieve the goal of homeownership (or anything in life) it is critical that people create a realistic plan of action that they can commit to successfully. The first thing they must do is build a home purchase down payment savings account by setting aside at least 10% of their earnings each pay period. If you don’t have the financial self-discipline to factor savings into your spending budget, start a Christmas savings fund with your tax returns that you can deposit funds into throughout the year without having withdrawal access or consider investing in one of our project investment certificates of deposit (CD) which yield higher investment returns. Join our Alpha Community Investment Club to learn more about investing with us. Becoming a member of the Homeownership Club will prepare its members for the entire property purchase process and maintenance experiences.

Alpha believes in equality for all, our goal is to help anybody in need of affordable housing. However, we are intentionally urging young Black Americans to pursue property ownership as a way of changing the dynamics of the current affordable housing downward trend in black communities as outlined in our Philanthropy section. We are here to assist committed people who possess the strong desire and determination to buy affordable properties of their dreams.


People who understand the value of budgeting are prepared for the future and what it might bring. With so many uncertainties in life we need to be ready for unforeseen emergencies. For example, if all of your monthly bills come to $1,200 each month then you need to have a minimum of three times that amount ($3,600) in a separate emergency fund savings account just in case you become unemployed. A lot of people find it even more comforting to save 6-8 months' worth of expenses for the unexpected.


Targeted Community Services

Eliminating poverty and homelessness is a daunting task that may never be accomplished, however, that shouldn’t keep people who care about this cause from trying. A combination of controllable and uncontrollable circumstances can create a perfect storm that led people to a point of hopelessness. Offering hope to the hopeless can make a world of difference for someone who sincerely has the self-will and determination to change. All of the support in the world will not help improve the quality of life for someone who lacks the will and desire to succeed in growing. All we can do is hold out our hands to those who seek the opportunity. If it is truly their desire, people will find a way to take advantage of those opportunities. For those of us who truly care about mankind we must incentivize people who prove that they are determined to rise above homelessness to become responsible tenants/homeowners. Overall, people who are down on their luck and living in despair simply need community support that inspires them to believe in themselves. 

Alpha would like to assist with the creation of an environment that makes affordable housing and homeownership a reality for the many Americans who desperately need those options. Our Philanthropic Outreach efforts to serve needed communities include our Affordable Housing Drive and Homeownership Drive programs designed to help create low-income housing. We are developing a network platform (Alpha Community Clubs) of homeowners, contractors and investors working together we hope to foster productive successful relationships.

Family Services

Charity starts at home (within the family) and abroad outside of the home. The ultimate example of teamwork needs to be exemplified inside of the family unit. Buying a home has to be a family effort, everybody may have to contribute to things like paying off debt and saving for the down payment on property. Every family member can contribute to the creation of a plan for building generational wealth for their descendants. One person alone will not always be fortunate enough to provide generations of family wealth, there has to be a concerted movement driven by cohesive family members. By involving children in the process, we can teach them about the importance and value of homeownership. They will gain a greater appreciation of what it takes to obtain and maintain property which they can pass down through family generations.

People without motivated family members have to become a member of a group with like-minded people. People who desire to become financially responsible property owners, investors and build towards financial independence. I would strongly urge individuals to join the Alpha Homeowners Club and work with other people who share their interests. 

Community Circles

One of the toughest decisions to make is determining who to allow in our inner circle. Human beings are up of energy and matter. if we allow ourselves to be around people who are negative, insecure or destructive, their energy will affect us. No matter how strong we are, we are not immune to constantly being surrounded by negative energy or bad influences.

Surrounding ourselves with like-minded people who share our beliefs and desire for success can make a huge difference. We can change our lives by consciously choosing to surround ourselves with people with higher standards. People who will help us achieve our goals, support our beliefs, and the kind of people who we want to be like. Not only do these people motivate us and help us realize the things that we love in life, but they also show us how to become better people. They are ambitious, passionate about what they do, compassionate, respectful of others and worth keeping in our lives. We must always make a conscious choice to associate with people who we admire that can accelerate our personal growth in whatever direction we desire by spending time with them because they already are who we want to become one day.

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