Outreach Partners

Alpha supports all nonprofit, for profit, local, state, federal governments and international efforts to eliminate homelessness. We look forward to partnering with organizations who provide support against the war on poverty as we grow. Nobody in America or around the world should be homeless without the bare necessities required to live a dignified respectable life. Our outreach will start with VOLUNTEERS passionate about becoming an important part of our Affordable Housing Drive and promote homeownership.  Alpha will contribute donations to the building of a transparent 100% tax deductible nonprofit fund formulated to help facilitate people in dire need and with providing down payment assistance for middle to low-income pre-qualified homebuyers.

We plan to build our outreach program locally eventually expanding our reach across the nation and the globe as we grow. In time, our company will mobilize to the extent of forming and supporting a team of passionate community volunteers who are in need of our unique affordable housing development expertise. Our company has a strategy in place that will positively impact the many communities seeking solutions for their affordable housing crisis.



Philanthropic Partners


Visit The Guardian Angel Project website